EHU Media Loans

Open hours

The Media Store Opening Hours

Your Media Store's Opening hours are as Follows

Mon to Fri: 09.00 - 12.00 / 13.00 - 16.30

(Booking times run until 16.00 each day.)

Term 1: 02/10/23 - 15/12/23 (Ex Bank Hols)

Term 2: 02/01/24 - 22/03/24 (Ex Bank Hols)

Term 3: 08/04/24 - 31/05/24 (Ex Bank Hols)

We look forward to seeing you.

Andy and the team of 23/24

Connor, Emily, Georgia, Lizzie & Storm


Contact us

STORE MANAGER: Andy Unsworth

Follow us on: YouTube


Easter Closure

Just a quick reminder in regards to the store closing over the Easter period (mirroring the academic calender). Our last day open will be Friday 22nd March. After making ourselves sick on chocolate. we will reopen again on Monday 08th April.

If you need equipment over the holidays, remember to pick up an out of term loans form from the Media Store and get it signed by your course tutor. You can then request up to 5 items. Eggselent!



Missing Booking Loan Options? Let us know.

We have noticed that some students still seem to be missing links to book equipment appropriate to your modules. We are currently working on this and will ensure that you are able to take out all equipment that you have access to when you come into the store even if it isn't listed.

If you believe that you are not seeing all of the equipment that you should be able to, please come in and see us to let us know.




No longer need the items you have booked?

You can delete reservations that you have made in 3 easy steps:

  • Log into your account
  • Select 'Active Booking' near the top of the page
  • Select the booking reference (e.g. Con123456) of the booking you wish to cancel
  • Delete your booking.

This can be done at any time prior to the time the booking is due for collection.





The overarching aim of these terms and conditions is to ensure Media students and staff have fair access to the Media Loans collection. When equipment is loaned to use on or off campus that equipment becomes the responsibility of the borrower. By using this service, you agree to the following:

Good Practice & Support for staff       

  • Treat Media Store checkout staff with respect.
  • Do not remove or alter any labels or tags attached to the equipment or its packaging.
  • Before returning, pack the items in the same way and in the same cases as when it was received.
  • Wind up all cables and store them in a professional manor.
  • Format SD cards to delete all images fully before returning.


Correct use of equipment

  • Equipment must be returned in the condition in which it was received.
  • Borrowing is acceptance of full personal responsibility for any damage to the items. Consider this if borrowing for other members in a group project (not recommended).
  • Handle items with care.
  • Ordinary wear and tear is accepted.
  • Take steps to minimise risk of damage when unpacking, setting up, using and repacking items.
  • Do not expose equipment to moisture, dust, sand, extreme heat or extreme cold. Only use in a clean environment. Keep lens covers, cases etc in place when not in use.
  • If unfamiliar with the equipment’s operation and functions, read the manuals provided first. Only use the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Ask staff for help if needed.
  • Do not make any alterations to how the items are packaged.
  • Use personal equipment in conjunction with borrowed items at own risk; (organisation) accepts no responsibility for damage.
  • Do not unscrew moveable parts entirely or overtighten them as it can result in loss or damage.
  • Treat items as if they are your own.


Health and safety

  • It is your responsibility to ensure all possible precautions are taken to avoid injury to people or damage to the equipment borrowed.
  • Handle equipment with care and according to guidelines.
  • Only use at agreed locations (e.g. on campus or off campus).
  • Allow enough time to unpack, set up, configure and test equipment before use.
  • Ensure equipment is stable on ground or surface.
  • Do not exceed weight capacity of any items.
  • Keep lighting away from flammable materials; do not leave on unattended. Leave to cool before repacking.
  • Do not overload electrical outlets when using equipment.
  • Never open or touch the internal components of the equipment.
  • Refer to the equipment manuals to ensure safe operation.


Borrowing equipment

  • All equipment for loan must be booked in advance on the Media Loans booking system.
  • Reserved equipment must be collected by the person in whose name the booking was made. We are unable to issue equipment without a valid university card.
  • Equipment can only be borrowed or returned during the advertised opening hours.
  • Some items have restricted availability reserved for specific modules or courses - this equipment will only appear on the booking system to qualifying individuals, or when required training has been completed.
  • Please be aware that if you do not collect your items within 2 hours of the booking start time, the booking will be automatically cancelled and the items made available to other customers.
  • As is professional practice, you will check all equipment you borrow at the point of issue at the Media Store and report any problems to the store technicians immediately as failure to do so may result in my being held responsible for any damage noted on its return.
  • You understand that by loaning this equipment you take full responsibility for the equipment and ensure it will be used in a safe and a sensible manner while it is booked out in your name.
  • Should you be unsure of how any of the equipment you loan is used/operated then you will seek advice and help at an appropriate time before or on collection of equipment.


Returning equipment

  • You agree to return the equipment to the Media Store in Creative Edge on time and with the equipment in the same working condition with all accessories included. Failure to do so may result in you being suspended from borrowing media equipment and covering the costs of any damages and or loss of equipment (see Penalties section).
  • An item is considered late if returned 30 minutes past the agreed time.
  • If an item is more than 7 calendar days overdue, we will bring this to the attention of your course leader or line manager.
  • We will consider any overdue item that is not returned after sending a final overdue reminder as lost and you will be invoiced by the University for the full cost of the item plus an administration charge.
  • You understand that leaving the equipment in or around the Media Store is not considered as being returned and that you are required to check the condition of the equipment with the staff and make sure it is signed it back in.
  • Staff must be notified of any problems or damage prior to the items being checked in. Equipment found to be damaged by the staff once this process has begun will be considered as deliberately deceptive and may lead to automatic charges for repair being applied. Please do not say “It’s the one item we didn’t use.”



Failure to pick up reserved items or late returns has a negative impact on the ability of others to borrow equipment, and disrupts their work. For this reason, we operate the following suspension policy:

  • Failure to pick up reserved items: If you have reserved items but failed to pick up on 2 occasions this will result in a loss of privilege to use the Media Loans service for the remainder of that term/semester.
  • Late returns: If you breach the conditions of borrowing on 2 occasions this will result in a loss of privilege to use the Media Loans service for the remainder of that term/semester.


Loss and damage to equipment

  • You understand that there is no charge for the loan of equipment. However, in the event that the equipment is lost or damaged through unprofessional behaviour or through exposure to corrosive elements such as salt water or sand, you may have to pay for the cost of replacement or for the equipment to be repaired.
  • You agree to take adequate and proper measures to protect the equipment from theft, damage and other risks.
  • If an item you borrow is stolen, you will report this to the local police who will issue you with a crime reference number. You will inform us of the theft and the crime reference number as soon as possible. This will make sure you are not held responsible for not returning an item.
  • You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of yourself and the equipment you are working with, and you are not putting yourself, other persons or the equipment at risk.
  • Lost equipment will be charged at the full amount of replacement. Your Account will be suspended until it is fully paid.
  • Equipment with a repair or replacement cost under £50 will be charged at the current price to resolve.
  • Equipment with a repair or replacement cost over £50 will be charged at £50 and your account will be suspended until repayment is made. You will also be required to have a meeting to discuss the damage with the Head of the Media Department.
  • Borrowers who damage equipment over £50 for a second time will be charged from £50 to 10% of the total cost. You will also be required to have a meeting to discuss the damage with the Head of the Media Department.
  • In all cases where your account is suspended, a limited basic equipment allocation will be provided whilst your account is suspended. This cannot be self-booked and will require you to physically visit the media store who can arrange for your items to be reserved. This needs to be done a minimum of 24 hours before the pickup date and time.